Bills’ team receives special gift following Damar Hamlin’s recovery from cardiac arrest

The Buffalo Bills will face the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL divisional round tomorrow at the Bills’ stadium. The previous meeting had not produced any results other than a tragic accident that haunted the NFL community for so long.

The bills’ safety Damar Hamlin had to be taken to the hospital following a fatal cardiac arrest during the game on the field. The 24-year-old had gone through extensive measures of treatment to get back into a stable condition. He is still under the supervision of the physician working to restore his health.

The youngster surely brought the whole NFL world together, regardless of class rivalries or personal vendettas. The next playoff game will also bear another recognition from a prestigious jewelry retail and wholesale shop.

What did the Buffalo Bills get from the jewelry store as a present?

Gabriel Jacobs of Rafaello and Co. (a jewelry shop and retail) has crafted an iconic pendant of the Bills’ safety jersey number 3. Each pendant carries 14-karat gold, and there are 80 pieces of it for the whole Bills team.


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The bills outside linebacker von miller and offensive lineman Dion Dawkins also shared the welcome presents from Rafaello and co.

In the Bills vs. Bengals game of Week 17, Bengals receiver Tee Higgins was on the receiving end of a tackle from Damar Hamlin. However, Higgins’ helmet made contact with Hamlin’s chest, and the player suffered from a commotion, which caused the cardiac arrest.

The gold pendant also bears a golden heart, denoting the youngsters’ strong hearts, which symbolize every athlete in the sports industry worldwide.

No matter what, the playoff game will certainly bring back a lot of horrific memories, but the players are determined to deliver an entertaining, contested, and thrilling game.

Damar will not be featured on the team for the welcoming gesture by the crafts maker retailer as he is still recovering from his injury. There is no estimated return date to the field for the athlete yet. We are hoping he will indeed make a stronger comeback.

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