Ravens’ CB Marlon Humphrey hankering for Rams’ outlandish trade rumor

The upcoming NFL off-season is already heating up with rumors of big trades and coaching changes.

One team that’s been at the center of some of the biggest rumors is the Los Angeles Rams.

After a rough year for the team, with a 5-12 record this season, the future of their coach, Sean McVay, had been in question until he recently announced he’d be returning. Additionally, the Rams have had some members of the coaching staff leave, leading to speculation about their next offensive coordinator.

Representation of Rams’ 2022 season.

One of the biggest rumors surrounding the Rams has to do with their star players. Aaron Donald’s recent change to his Twitter bio had fans wondering if he would remain with the team after this season. And now, Jalen Ramsey, one of the top cornerbacks in the league, has been at the center of a rumor that he could be traded.

This caught the attention of Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey, who responded with a post of his own that hinted at his interest in Ramsey joining the Ravens.

Ramsey is a former NFL All-Pro and his addition to the Ravens, paired with Humphrey, who made the Pro Bowl this year, would make them a force to be reckoned with on the field.

All in all, the NFL off-season is gearing up to be an exciting one, with the Rams at the center of many rumors, and the Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey fueling up the possibility of Ramsey joining the Ravens’ roster from the Rams. The hype is getting real before even the off-season could begin.



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