Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley issues warning to current champion Austin Theory prior to WWE RAW

Bobby Lashley is still unwilling to acknowledge Austin Theory as the current WWE United States champion. The conflict between the two wrestlers began somewhere around 2022. Though after the WWE Survivor Series: War Games 2022, it became personal for Lashley.

However, the recent tweet from the former United States champion drew widespread attention.

The next Monday night is going to be the 30th anniversary of the company’s weekly RAW episodes. Because of that, there are going to be a few guests and old legends who will be present at the event.

For that reason, the 46-year-old doesn’t want Austin Theory to be there. He also addressed Theory as a “punk” in his latest tweet. Even though the rivalry between these two hasn’t been for a long time but it feels like they have a huge history between them already.

Having said that, last year at the WWE Survivor Series: War Games, the 25-year-old did something that no one could’ve imagined. He defeated two of the biggest fighters in the same ring. Following the new year, he defeated Seth Freakin Rollins in a ring match and reign his title for the second time. It’s a pretty impressive performance from the young lad.

However, today, the former WWE champion left a message and issued a warning to the two-time United States Champion ahead of their clash on WWE RAW XXX.

In which the former MMA fighter tweeted, “Time to finally teach you a lesson, punk. Especially on a night like #WWERAW 30 where we celebrate the past, it’s about time you respect the people that blazed a path to get you here.”

Although there’s no response from Theory came yet to the tweet. But fans have got into the thread immediately. As some of the fans are cheering for the new chapter of the former Bellator fighter career and some are not quite happy with the statement.

It will be an interesting contest to see, how the 25-year-old reacts to the statement. Although it’s a bit harsh considering his recent performance, the young wrestling prospect can do some unimaginable things in the ring and earn the respect of the elders and legends of the sport.



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