Warriors Steve Kerr defended by Stephen Curry on snapping at Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole has been in the NBA for four seasons and still has a lot of learning to do. On Friday night, he experienced a perfect example of this when his Golden State Warriors faced off against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

During the game, Poole was called for an offensive foul and he held the ball while trying to discuss the play with one of the referees. This prompted Warriors coach Steve Kerr to get involved, as he was not happy with the young guard‘s actions. He had a stern message for Poole after the game.

I‘m going to stay on Jordan,” Kerr said.He‘s continuing to grow and he‘s getting better. I think the last two games, he was fantastic in terms of staying off the referees. He got the offensive foul and then held the ball as he talked to the ref, and that was a delay of the game. So I‘m trying to get Jordan to the point where he understands every play counts and every moment counts. So, every once in a while, I snap and I snapped at that moment and he looked at me like I was nuts. But it‘s all part of it.” 

But Kerr too added that he loved Jordan. “I love Jordan and I love the way he‘s playing and he was incredible tonight,” he said. 

Jordan Poole finished the game with a teamhigh 32 points, and his fourthquarter performance helped seal the Warriors sixth road win of the season. He explained that he talks to referees in key moments because he wants to make sure he knows the calls that are being made. He also wants to fight for his team and make sure that they get the calls that they deserve.

Steph Curry, who was one of four Warriors starters resting against the Cavs, commented on the incident between Kerr and Poole. He supported Kerr‘s coaching and noted that Poole took the energy in the right way.

This was a valuable learning experience for the young guard and was a reminder that every play and every moment counts. As the Warriors view Poole as a bridge between their past and future, it is important that he takes all the information he can from Kerr and the other veterans on the team.



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