UFC power couple Brian Ortega-Tracy Cortez hints breakup on IG

The UFC power couple, Brian Ortega and Tracy Cortez are rumored to be breaking up. Although the exact reasons for the sudden split up still remain vague some fans and reporters are trying to tie things together. They have been in a relationship for two years now, and it would be really heartbreaking for some fans if this actually came true.

The rumors about Ortega and Cortez breaking up came to the surface after they deleted all pictures of the other from their respective social media. Afterward, the fans started to catch all the clues, which led to the one hint that they were splitting up. One of the other reasons could be their busy schedules and not spending much time together.

Although their recent performance has not been stellar, which could also be a big factor. They might want to improve more on each of their respective career paths.

However, the love story between the power couple began quite dramatically. It all started when Ortega commented on one of Tracy’s photos on Instagram. Afterward, the pair were soon spotted together by fans. They were also seen romancing on the UFC’s Embedded Series, which spread the rumors that they were dating. Later, they admitted it.

Although it is not clear exactly when the pair began their relationship it became clear that the relationship marked two years.

The 31-year-old previously stated his thoughts on their relationship and professional MMA lives. Where he described, “I love her, the coaches now see that, and I think that they respect it, they understand it, and they know that as long as we stay out of each other’s way when it comes to different camps and stuff like that, it will be alright.”

Regardless of the statement, it’s safe to say that their personal issues would be secondary to their future UFC career. 



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