Late WWE star Jay Briscoe’s daughters show significant improvements in medical condition following fatal car accident

Jay Briscoe’s sudden accident was very tough news to swallow for all the WWE fans. Although Briscoe didn’t make it out alive from the car crash his daughters somehow made it with some critical injuries. One of the daughters is currently having occupational therapy, and the results of her medical report are not promising.

The Ring of Honor legend, known by his stage name, Jay Briscoe, died in a car crash Tuesday night. He was 38 years old. In the car, he was traveling with his two daughters, both of whom were seriously injured in the collision and hospitalized immediately. The sorrowful news shocked the world, and everyone is praying for the two daughters’ quick recovery.

On that note, recently someone called Josh Wharton provided medical updates on Gracie Pugh and Jayleigh Pugh. The updated data shows the older daughter, Gracie Pugh, in her lower extremities while undergoing occupational therapy. She has zero sense of responsibility or feeling below her thighs.

On the other hand, the younger daughter, Jayleigh Pugh, is in much better condition than her older sibling. She is currently fit for moving through a wheelchair.

The older daughter needs much more time for her occupational therapy before she gets a wheelchair.

Although the situation is improving, switching to a wheelchair is still not an option. Both of the daughters are under thirteen years old, which is very heartbreaking. It was also later revealed in the update news that Briscoe’s son Gannon Pugh paid a visit to his sisters, accompanied by his uncle Mark Pugh and their grandfather. 

People have been really kind and helpful in raising funds for the daughters and the family as a whole. Local police are also investigating the crash scene and looking for more clues about what happened at the time of the incident.



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