“I can’t help it” Shaquille O’Neal reveals why he took barrel full of quarters to his bedroom

The legendary NBA player Shaquille O’Neal is not only known for his on court feats, but also for his enormous riches. He is a self made man with golden touch. O’Neal has expanded and explored ventures in a variety of fields since quitting the NBA 11 years ago. In fact, his full professional history doesn’t fit on his LinkedIn profile.

O’Neal cannot take care of his money by his own. His huge affluence needs to be handled by other people. Recently, his accountant almost lost his mind when a big digit worth $250,000 was missing from the calculation. Shaq’s agent, Lester Knispel, flew to Orlando to discuss the issue with Shaq, only to find out a bizarre yet interesting fact about the millionaire star.

Believe it or not, Shaq was actually keeping the money in wooden barrels in his bedroom. “It took me a while, but I finally came clean with him. I showed Lester my bedroom, where there were a whole bunch of wooden rain barrels full of quarters,” Shaq clarified.

Lester said, ”Shaquille, what the hell is this? Is this the missing money?”
”Yes,’ I admitted. ‘Lester, I can’t help it. I like seeing my money. Come here, run your fingers through all these quarters. It’s awesome!” Shaq confessed.

It might sound funny to some and risky to others to keep such a huge amount in one’s bedroom. But what can we say? It’s his money after all. If it pleases him to see them shine, see he shall!

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