“If you keep this up, you ain’t gonna be around for long” Shaquille O’Neal reveals troubling health issues, propelling him to make healthier life choices

The NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is famously known for his enormous physique. This veteran star is 7-feet-1-inch tall and he weighed 325 lbs. He rapidly started gaining more weight after quitting the sport and became almost 200 lbs. heavier than an average American. It undoubtedly takes a lot to keep this unusual physique in good shape, but the champ has ensured that he is working on it.

The Big Diesel has recently talked about his health concerns on The Big Podcast and noted that potential “death” is the driving force behind his weight loss journey. He has reduced his weight from 401 lbs. to 369 lbs. within the last few months.

Shaq has been overweight for a long time and finally came back to his senses when a fitness and health expert warned him about his lifestyle. The Los Angeles Lakers admitted, “That’s what got me right there, if you keep this up, you ain’t gonna be around for long,” quoting the health expert in the later part.

Ever since then, O’Neal has been determined to keep himself healthy. Furthermore, potential “death” risk inspired the 15-time All-Star to begin his journey toward a healthier lifestyle. He started going to the gym frequently and concentrated on eating healthy. Shaq also stated that by the time he turns 51 in March 2023, he wants to weigh 345 lbs. O’Neal also revealed his exercise routine. The three-time MVP of the Finals said that he typically exercises for a month before taking a two-week break.

Shaq’s immense physical qualities made him one of the NBA’s most dominant players ever. However, it took a heavy toll on his wellbeing. The fact that the NBA legend understood the need to lead a healthy lifestyle before it was too late is a positive indicator. His legacy will encourage others to follow in his footsteps.

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