Former Seahawks Star Marshawn Lynch’s F-Bomb on ESPN live sparks uproar

Former Seahawks Star Marshawn Lynch went viral on the internet following an entertaining interview on ESPN during the Cal-Washington game on Saturday night. Lynch, a Cal alum, attended the Cal-Washington game on Saturday night with Justin Forsett, another former Cal and Seahawks teammate. They were being inducted into the Cal Athletics Hall of Fame alongside eight other athletes.

The hilarious moment came right after Lynch mentioning that Forsett has never said a single swear word in his entire life. He praised his teammate of never swearing only to end up using F word in the next sentence. 

Lynch said, “I’m from the Bay Area, but when I look around the stands and I see these motherf*****s … I mean, these stands weren’t full like when we were here, that s*** kind of have me on tilt. I ain’t feeling that. If this is California Bear football, they need to start filling up this stadium.”

But the plot twist is, it was not the curse word that made the netizens laugh. It was Lynch’s instant reaction to his words when he realized it. The admirers drooled over his endearing response as he covered his mouth with his palm. And then it was even funnier when he said the word “s***” just a moment later and it didn’t even register to him that he said another swear word that is definitely not allowed on ESPN.

However, nobody is coming at the “Beast Mode” for swearing, rather they are labelling it as “endearing” and honest.

Lynch also expressed his gratitude to be inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame and talked about other issues as well. But it’s the F-bomb that made it to the headlines.

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