“I can’t necessarily model myself”, despite LeBron James inspired game, Bradley Beal walks in Michael Jordan’s footstep

Wizards superstar Bradley Beal has now disclosed that he grew up watching the greatest of all time, and that may not be who most will assume. While many still revere the Airess Michael Jordan, the twenty-year-old basketball player would like to differ. 

Despite embracing the Air Jordans ambassadorship, he has followed in the footsteps of LeBron James. This is true for several present-day ballers who have modeled themselves after the likes of Kobe Bryant and of course, King James. 

Bradley Beal once disclosed why he wore No.23

Much of the present generation have missed Jordan’s classic shots because they were just too young to understand the sport when the OG number 23 was at his peak. This means Beal is clearly not alone. According to the Washington Post, the player recently admitted,

“I never watched Michael Jordan growing up,” said Beal, in a recent episode of Wizards Magazine. “I grew up, ‘23’ was LeBron. I always knew about Michael Jordan, but I can’t necessarily model myself after him. I always admired LeBron and the way he played all the time when he was in Cleveland.”


Once upon a time, the NBA court used to be the place where players of all kinds came to pay their respects to the man, the myth, and the legend. Apparently, the times are changing because youngsters want to imitate James more than Jordan.

Moreover, no one can actually blame these newbies, or even whine and complain. LeBron James has proven to all that he is no less than the greatest of all time including Jersey 23.  

Bradley sports Air Jordan shoe line of none other than MJ 

The Washington Guard played his high-school years with Nike, so it came almost as a natural progression that he would engage with Air. Nonetheless, the basketball athlete had to wait a long time to sign with the Jordan Brand back in 2020.

Bradley Beal

Since his signing with MJ’s company Beal has been one of the major ambassadors for the Jordan Brand, appearing in games and social media promotions wearing his React Elevation and Air Jordan 37 Lows. His hard work and dedication toward the Jumpman family left none other than Jordan with no other option but to retain and renew Bradley’s contract last year.

Even though Beal did not grow up watching the legendary MJ he has enormous respect for the man after getting to know him in person and working alongside him in his globally recognized footwear brand. So, even though The L-Train is Bradley’s idol he cannot but help himself walking in Jordan’s “footsteps.”

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