“I want to show it. It’s my personality” Tom Brady’s rumored girlfriend Veronika Rajek responds to body shame criticizers

It’s 2023 but people still get backlashes for their bold outfit choices. It’s quite unfortunate but not surprising that even a renowned model such as Veronika Rajek, who also happens to be NFL star Tom Brady’s rumored girlfriend, has to go through it.

Veronika finally decided to address this issue and respond to the body shaming that she has been facing long since. She was not afraid to own up to her personality and confront the bullies.

Rajek has over three million followers on Instagram. She posts pictures in bold attire from time to time, which has brought her much negative criticism like many others. But she is not bothered by those, as she believes in body positivity. This popular model thinks that she is not responsible for how people perceive something negatively.

Swimsuit image of model Veronika Rajek

She had this to say in her defense– “People are pretending to be open-minded but they are not. They are talking about body positivity but they are not body positive.”

She went on, “I am a young woman, I have my style, and a lot of people say to me ‘you are not classy’, but what is not classy about me? I love my style, I love my fashion. My body is young, I take care of my body, I work out, I eat healthily, and I want to show it. It’s my personality. I’m not sorry because this is who I am.”

This model has fallen into the eyes of NFL fans when her name was associated with NFL sensation Tom Brady. She even appeared on the field in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game wearing Brady’s jersey. Rumor has it that she is dating the NFL star. Her admiration for Brady is not a secret as she is quite open about it on her social.

Veronika is quite upfront about her life choices and it shows. It is time for people to stop judging someone based on their appearance, as she has rightfully pointed out. What’s your thought on Veronika’s take on body positivity? Let us know in the comment.


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4 thoughts on ““I want to show it. It’s my personality” Tom Brady’s rumored girlfriend Veronika Rajek responds to body shame criticizers”

  1. Veronica is young healthy and very beautiful
    Don’t be jealous of her showing it off. She is a model
    Far younger and more beautiful than the aged crone giesel
    Leave her and Tom alone

  2. She is right on with her opinion and style, I think people should just grow up be adult about positive things and leave her the he’ll alone….seriously what is wrong with the young lady !!!


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