‘I will resign’ Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola promises to quit if not valued: ‘I’m not going to stay like Fergie and Arsene’

Guardiola’s deal was due to expire in the summer but Manchester City hierarchy took the World Cup as an opportunity to end any doubts over his future and later he signed a two-year contract extension that will keep him at Manchester City until 2025. 

However, Guardiola said at a news conference on Friday following a 1-1 draw against Everton, “The moment I feel something is broken, I will resign or not extend.”

Due to his brilliant career decorated with titles, having previously managed Barcelona and Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola is considered one of the greats alongside the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger.

Guardiola and Sir Alex
Pep Guardiola With Sir Alex Ferguson. (Source: Twitter)

His best years, however, were committed with Manchester City, where he developed his talent and assembled a superstar-studded squad that was nearly ‘unplayable’.

Extending the contract means Guardiola will be on the way to managing Man City for nine seasons straight which is his highest, but it appeared to be a question mark as he approached the year 2023.

“I continue to say I’m not going to stay like Fergie and Arsene,” Guardiola said while talking about the contracts.

“The contract is just paper. I extended because I have the feeling we can still play good. But in the end, it’s the results. If we are tired of each other, I will not finish this contract.”

Sir Alex Ferguson transformed the process of rebuilding his team into an art form, getting go of seasoned crowd favorites to make sure that a continual supply of talent was coming up through the ranks to keep his more skilled veterans motivated.

After an outstanding run of four Premier League titles in five seasons, Guardiola used the young defender Rico Lewis as an example of his desire to accomplish a similar goal.

With Arsenal having a fantastic season and Man City currently in second place, the title race this season will be extremely close. There is still a lot of football left to be played.

“Arsenal have done brilliantly and better than us so far. For a long time they have not been there and they want to continue being there.”- Man City boss told to the reporters in press conference.

“We are close [to Arsenal]. It is not 15 or 20 points. I would prefer to be closer but it is not a big distance.”- he further added.

Man City will face Chelsea in their upcoming Premier League clash and will be looking forward to bouncing back.


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