“I’ll see you in court pal” Pat McAfee brutally fires back at Brett Favre for filing lawsuits on him, Shannon Sharpe, auditor

NFL was never a combat-free area. Something is happening every now and then. But at this moment something happened very unusual. Pat McAfee would face something like this, none ever imagined.

Ex-Colts punter McAfee, an All-Pro, stated on his program on Friday, “I’m getting sued by Brett Favre.” He also stated I’m getting sued alongside Shannon Sharpe and an auditor from Mississippi by Brett f–king Favre. Brett Favre’s suing me in a defamation lawsuit, saying I defamed his name to try to earn a profit.”

In his case, Favre claims that McAfee referred to him as a “thief” who was “taking from underprivileged folks in Mississippi.” McAfee’s statements, according to Favre, are “outrageous lies.”

In his almost five-minute-long tirade, McAfee dismissed the case before disclosing information about Favre’s attorneys, who he said had written him two letters containing a set of requests.

The initial letter was, ‘We would like you to go back and erase every single video that has Brett Favre’s name mentioned in it from your YouTube library, your Twitter library, and everything else,’ So I looked at that and said, ‘That is hilarious! Of course, we’re not doing that, he stated. “Then a few days later, ‘You have until Wednesday, this Super Bowl week, 8:30 p.m. ET to issue a public apology to Brett Favre and erase all of the video in your catalog that involves Brett Favre’s name.”

In a November session of his program, McAfee claimed that Favre had “tied the hands of poor people and took money right out of their pockets,” stating that Favre had also refuted the claims.

McAfee stated about the lawsuit, “A lot of people are wondering how my lawyers are gonna handle this”. He also added that “You know it, I ain’t got ’em. So let’s ride this f–ker. I’m excited to see how it goes. I’ll see you in court pal.”



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