“I’m done saying I’m sorry” WWE legend Bill Goldberg claims he’s no longer apologizing for concussion that put end to Bret Hart’s career

Goldberg, the former WWE superstar is upset over Bret Hart’s opinion as Bret Hart isn’t approving of him being in the WWE Hall of Fame and consider it shouldn’t be like this. In his most recent interview, Bret Hart expressed that the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion does not deserve the Hall of Fame. 

In the past, Goldberg gave Hart a concussion that eventually led to the end of Bret’s career. Goldberg believes this could be the reason for Hart declining his possibility for the Hall of fame. Though he is still remorseful for it.

In that interview, Hart precisely signaled, “They should [on being told that WWE should put Horowitz into the Hall of Fame]. They should take Goldberg out. Also, when asked about Goldberg, he replied, “I always thought that if Goldberg got into the Hall of Fame, then Horowitz should’ve gone into the Hall of Fame. Horowitz can actually wrestle. Goldberg never could. I think he got in there for hurting everybody he worked with, ”

On that note, Goldberg recently shared his perceptions as to what happened to Bret still bothers him. And, now it seems like he is done apologizing for that matter.

Furthermore, later on, in the “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, he added, “Well, yeah, but I get it. I mean, I understand, you know, to a point, but yeah, 100% I mean, Bret Hart is still up here, man. I mean, he’s an idol to anybody and everybody who would have ever been in this business. You know, I’m a human being like everybody else, man. And there was absolutely no malicious intent whatsoever. None, zero.

So does it bother me? Yeah, I’ll take it to my grave. But you know, also, also, I gotta say, man, and I’ve kind of got it at a turning point. I’m done saying I’m sorry. I’ve said it a million times. And I’m not going to continue to tear myself down. I’m done. I said I’m sorry. If you can’t accept my apology, I’m really, you know, it is what it is. You’ve got to move on, and I moved on. So I won’t be breached on this subject too much more. ”

Although Bill Goldberg has moved on with taking the guilt on himself, it looks like the two-time WWE Hall of Famer is still holding the grudge against him.


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