“Can’t change the events that happened, but we can control what happens moving forward” Draymond Green reflects on his altercation with Jordan Poole in TNT documentary

The saga of Draymond and Poole continues like a box office hit. Recently, Green made a level-headed comment about the entire incident in a self-produced documentary. 

Draymond Green’s self-produced documentary “The Countdown” was 21 minutes long. Green spent around five minutes of that time discussing the Jordan Poole punch, which vaulted Green to new heights of NBA villainy. During that entire time period, the single most accurate assertion was made. He stated, “Can’t change the events that happened, but we can control what happens moving forward, and that’s where we are.”

Green and Poole got into a fight during practice earlier this month, which escalated to the point where Green swung at Poole and punched him in the face. After TMZ discovered footage of the punch, Green apologized and left the squad for a while. 

The Warriors’ forward, hit Poole following an argument during practice, took a few days off, but played in Friday’s preseason finale and the regular season opener against the Los Angeles Lakers on October 18.

Green discussed some facets of Warriors training camp, such as his grievances about media day and the fun of preseason games in Japan, on TNT prior to the start of the NBA season, but all anyone wanted to hear about was the Poole punch, for which he received a fine and some time away from the team but no disqualification.

The fact that the program ever aired on TNT may be the network’s greatest act of hypocrisy. Green made an open statement of regret to Poole and his family and friends for the “embarrassment” they endured. Poole said that he was eager to move on And now, Green is airing his own media about the hit for the broadest possible NBA audience on a day of celebration for the Warriors and talking about “the positives” of the scenario.

The tone of Green’s documentary becomes more sinister at this point. Green shares the story from his point of view without mentioning Poole’s.


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