‘I’m not interested’ Karim Benzema’s cryptic message suggests he won’t be joining France’s squad in Sunday’s final vs Argentina

With the final right around the corner, speculations started to surface as there were suggestions of a surprise entry of Karim Benzema in the Le Bleus shirt.

After the rumor mill started to spin, it picked up the pace as Real Madrid officials stated to “not get in the way” of the player should he decide to participate.

Getting injured during the initial phases before the tournament began, Benzema was thought to be dropped by Didier Deschamps.

But, further reports suggested the former nicknamed “water carrier” did not drop the French forward from the 26-man squad.

The speculations of a return for the final started sending sparks as the Real Madrid frontman posted a video tagged “Motivation” with a heart emoji while working out in the gym.


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It worked like kerosene in the flame. People from all over started to speculate on a wild card entry from the Frenchman.

It almost felt like an “Ace of spades” move from the French side.

But the fire soon had to be doused. And it was in a recent Instagram post by Karim Benzema.

Captioned as “I am not interested” with a flash emoji, it seems El Gato is not that into the idea of playing in the final.


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With the blunt statement made on the social media platform, it seems unlikely now that Karim Benzema will make an appearance as a player for France.

But the thought of spearheading the team doesn’t seem all that important now, given Kylian Mbappe is having yet another fantastic World Cup campaign.

With 5 goals already booted to his name, he goes head-to-head with the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi who also has the same number of goals. Both players also share the same number of assists (5).


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