Is LeBron James going to retire? exploring his longevity in NBA

Very few players have had an illustrious career as LeBron James. Even at the age of 38, he is as daring as in his rookie days on the court. Suffice it to say, the undefeatable machine is going to move forward at full speed in the near future as well.

While a lot of basketball players retire by the age at which King James is still dunking and dribbling on the court, his retirement seems to be an issue of far distance.

So, let’s find out the potential age at which the player might retire and explore his longevity in NBA.

How old is LeBron James and what age LeBron James will retire?

LeBron James is the biggest star of the Los Angeles Lakers who made his debut in the 2003 NBA Draft as the first overall pick of the first round. The Ohio native was born on December 30, 1984.

He is 38 years old now and still holding onto the position of the strongest player in his team. When it comes to his retirement, the basketball sensation wants to carry on playing until his eldest son makes his debut on the NBA court.

Bronny James is LeBron’s eldest son and he is counting the days to step into the wooden NBA court in the 2024-2025 season which isn’t very far. At that time the Lakers star is going to be in his forties.

What age do NBA players retire and who is the oldest to retire from NBA?

The retirement age from NBA depends on various issues such their career stats, injury history, and also individual will. However, the average age for retirement is around the mid-thirties from approximately 35 to 38 or 39.

Nat Hickey.jpeg

Nat Hickey is the oldest player to retire from NBA. At the time of his retirement, he was 45 years old in 1948. After ending his tenure as a player, he became a coach. But Nat used to play for the team he coached.

LeBron James has always been a conscious athlete who never compromises when it comes to his health. Taking good care of his physical health, adopting therapy sessions regularly, and having the inner energy to rip off the limit of success are the reasons behind his longevity in NBA.

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