“Keep me outta your sick S*xual fantasies”: Boxing Fans backup World Champion after creepy tweet from fan goes viral

Sunny Edwards, the IBF Flyweight champion, was recently subjected to extremely venomous remarks from a fan who expressed a desire for the boxer’s demise.

With the emergence of social media, individuals have been given an outlet to express their viewpoints and ideas. Unfortunately, some opt to utilize this platform to spread negativity and cause harm.

Nevertheless, the British pugilist did not allow this comment to pass without objection and delivered a suitable response.

Sunny Edwards

Edwards has a reputation for being highly engaged on social media platforms. Frequently engaging with fans and followers. He is known for responding to their comments and questions, and even sharing personal details about his life.

Nevertheless, this level of accessibility can also result in receiving negative or offensive messages which Sunny often manages with a balance of levity and assertiveness. He handled the recent incident with the fan who crossed a line in a similar manner.

Sunny Edwards Responds to Trolling Twitter User’s Disturbing Death Wish

On Twitter, a user by the handle @glamguignol made a disturbing statement. Expressing a desire for Edwards to meet his demise in the boxing ring this year.

“The one wish that I have for boxing in 2023 is for Sunny Edwards to die in the boxing ring. I would absolutely get off from witnessing that.” he wrote.


The hurtful nature of the comment prompted a response from the champion, who opted to address it with a touch of humor. Edwards’ rejoinder to the comment was concise but impactful.

This incident serves as a reminder of the persistent problem of online harassment, particularly in the realm of sports.

Sunny Edwards

While social media has its advantages for athletes seeking to engage with their fan base, it also exposes them to a deluge of negative and hostile messages. Furthermore, this is not the first instance where the champion has had to contend with trolls, having even engaged in a back-and-forth with an individual who traveled a considerable distance to meet him.

When Edwards had a sparring session with a troll who journeyed 200 miles

In 2022, a Twitter user named Fab Tang went to great lengths, spending £110 to travel 200 miles to confront Edwards at the champion’s gym in Sheffield, with the intention of threatening the flyweight boxer.

However, Edwards took an unconventional approach and invited the troll to a sparring session, which he then recorded and live-streamed. As expected, Edwards emerged victorious, with the troll quitting after only two rounds.

Edwards’ reaction to the hateful remark underscores his strength of character and fortitude. It is critical that as a community, we unite and denounce all forms of hate speech and harassment, particularly when such threats involve personal harm to individuals.

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