Edwards vs Edwards? Charlie Edwards calls out his bother Sunny Edwards for ultimate showdown making fans go wild

Sibling rivalry has existed for a long time but it has hardly translated into actual boxing matches. That trend might change as Charlie Edwards has shockingly called out his brother Sunny Edwards. In the congratulatory video he posted, Charlie ended by throwing a challenge at his brother. The world may get to see an “Edwards Vs Edwards” bout soon.

Sunny Edwards has had the IBF flyweight title in his bag since 2021. The British flyweight recently signed with Eddie Hearn, the esteemed promoter. For this accomplishment, his elder brother Charlie congratulated him showing optimism about some big fights coming his way.

Charlie Edwards
The Edwards brother may have a match as Charlie called Sunny out

Charlie Edwards called his brother Sunny Edwards out

Charlie urged his brother to use this opportunity to score big fights. He was genuinely excited for the younger Edwards as he thought Sunny could look to unify the titles. However, Charlie claimed that one big fight his brother could look to score is Charlie himself.

Charlie had just lost on one occasion in his 19 fights. In his stellar career, he scored 7 wins via KO. The former WBC flyweight champion had some solid claims. Matchroom Sport has made a name for arranging big bouts. And Sunny should use this opportunity to fight against him – as Charlie claimed that it was the “real big fight.”

Sunny, on the other hand, is undefeated in his short but sweet career. The proposal of challenging his undefeated brother does sound intriguing. However, that did not sit well with most fans as they spoke out.

Most could not really grasp the idea of two close brothers locking horns in the ring. Two brothers engaging in a full-fledged bout did not sit right with them. One fan deemed the entire calling-out incident “sad” and another found it “weird.”

One enthusiast claimed that brothers should not fight in the ring. To oppose him, another fan brought up the reference to a legendary WWE sibling rivalry. That fan urged to think again, posting a photo of The Undertaker and Kane.

Sunny last fought back in November 2022 where he won against Felix Alvarado via unanimous decision. ‘Showtime’ will surely get big money bouts for now. As controversial as it is, Charlie sure does fall under the umbrella of big names.

How do you see this call out? Do you want to see the Edwards brothers fight it out in the ring? Did you think Charlie delivered a backhanded compliment? Let us know in the comments below.


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