“Further confirmation Floyd is broke”: Former UFC champion reveals showdown against Floyd Mayweather making fans go crazy

Exhibition bouts have opened up a new platform for stars from different worlds to collide. MMA Vs Boxing questions have dwelled in the combat sports enthusiasts’ minds for a while now. While retired professionals may not be in the best capacity to answer this question, they usually provide great entertainment.

Jose Aldo has taken the exhibition route as of late. And if the latest rumors are true then he may take on Floyd Mayweather Jr. The retired UFC fighter has hinted at potential negotiations taking place.

Aldo signed with Gamebred Boxing 4. The former UFC featherweight champion impressed quite a few people on his debut. In the first fight of his professional boxing journey, he started off on a winning note, against Alberto Emmanuel Zambrano. And now, he is looking to make it big in the boxing ring as well.

Floyd Mayweather
Jose Aldo Junior has hinted at a possible fight with Floyd Mayweather

Jose Aldo confirmed negotiations with Floyd Mayweather Jr

The Brazilian retired MMA fighter recently dropped a massive hint at a big fight. He confirmed that he had negotiations with Floyd Mayweather over a boxing match. People have been speculating about this fight for quite a while now.

Up until this point, there was no substantial base to the rumors as well. Moving forward, Aldo is actively working to make this fight happen as he said, “We’ve been in negotiations for a long time, And that fight could go down in Saudi Arabia.”

Fans, however, had a mixed reaction to the news. Some fans thought of this to be another cash grab. Nevertheless, it would be an imbalanced fight as Floyd has a massive advantage, as one claimed. While another reached the conclusion that Floyd is “broke” because he is even considering this fight.

On the other hand, some fans were excited about the fight. Some claimed that they would pay to watch this fight. In anticipation of this fight, some brought up the Connor McGregor bout against ‘Money’, claiming Aldo can perform better.

Aldo, on the other hand, has a fight to focus on, for now. He is set to face his former UFC opponent Jeremy Stephens in the Gamebred Boxing 4. Stephens will have his very first boxing match in Wisconsin while Aldo will look to extend his win streak to two.

How do you think Aldo will fare against Floyd if the fight indeed goes through?


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