Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz: Fans go wild as the problem child is ready for showdown against UFC legend on August 5th

Finally, the fight between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul is official. There was a huge buildup to this fight with many fans throwing their speculations around. Now we have details on the weight class, venue, date, official distributor, and number of rounds.

Diaz, the fighter from Stockton, has been inactive since his bout with Tony Ferguson in September of last year at UFC 279. Despite defeating ‘El Cucuy’ via submission in the fourth round, the most significant takeaway was that Diaz became a free agent.

During the months preceding the event, the much-loved fighter was vocal about his imminent free agency status. Diaz expressed a desire to transition to the boxing world and even hinted at a potential showdown against ‘The Problem Child’.

The UFC standout also made an appearance at Paul’s victory over Anderson Silva in October of last year.

During the event, the two teams came close to exchanging blows, potentially paving the way for a boxing bout. Nevertheless, after Paul’s defeat to Tommy Fury in February, many fans believed the fight was no longer a possibility.

Jake Paul

In that bout, ‘TNT’ outclassed the YouTuber, resulting in his first career loss.

Earlier today, it was announced that Nate Diaz and Jake Paul have agreed to box each other after all. The two will serve as the main event for a DAZN pay-per-view card scheduled for June in Dallas, Texas.

Following the announcement, Diaz shared his initial thoughts on the upcoming fight in a press release. He acknowledged that apart from Canelo Alvarez, Paul is the most significant name in boxing. Diaz appears resolute in his goal to succeed in the sport, stating:

“Besides Canelo he’s the biggest thing in boxing. I’m here to conquer that. I’m the king of combat sports and then I’m headed back to get my UFC belts. I f***ed up Conor McGregor for acting out and now here I am again, like a superhero.”

Jake Paul: ‘The Problem Child’ gives prediction

In the lead-up to the Nate vs. Jake fight, ‘The Problem Child’ has shared his own perspective. In a social media post following the announcement of the bout, the YouTuber expressed his views on the upcoming match.

Paul made it clear that he doesn’t believe the aging MMA legend can keep up with him.

In a detailed social media post, the superstar made a prediction that August 5th would mark a “funeral” for Nate Diaz. Paul went on to state that he would return the UFC legend to the promotion and Dana White, but this time in a coffin.

Diaz has expressed his desire to return to the UFC in the future, but Paul wants to make sure that he comes back sooner than Nate intends.

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