“His coach gave him the wrong game plan”: Jake Paul coach unfollows him on social media making fans curious about the next coach

In the fast-paced world of combat sports, YouTuber turned boxing sensation, Jake Paul, has become a name synonymous with drama and excitement. He has gotten into fights with Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali’s grandson, and even stole Floyd Mayweather‘s hat.

And like behind every great fighter, there always is a team of trainers and coaches who play a vital role in their success. But recent events have left fans speculating about trouble in paradise for Paul’s coaching team. Paul’s long-time trainer and buddy Danny Smith has reportedly unfollowed Jake on social media, leaving admirers to wonder what the status of their relationship is.

Smith has been an absolutely crucial part of Paul’s boxing profession, playing an outstanding role in shaping him into the renowned name that JP is today. However, right now at this point, it’s quite unclear if there are any indifferences between the duo.

Coach of Jake Paul Unfollows Him on Social Media, Fueling Speculation Among Fans

Adding fuel to the speculation, Paul had recently spoken about making changes to his team, and Smith’s unfollowing on Instagram came at a time when fans were already buzzing with anticipation. In previous interviews, Smith had praised Paul’s love for boxing and his dedication to training, stating that it had saved him from a self-destructive lifestyle of partying and entertainment.

Upon hearing that Danny Smith had unfollowed JP, admirers took in droves to social media for expressing their disapproval. User @Ivansjodah1 wasted no time in suggesting that Paul might need a new coaching team.

Similarly, user @L3Budxlds brought up Paul’s statements about his fight against Tommy Fury, hinting that changes might be needed in his corner.

User @jamesyplonk even speculated that another member of Paul’s team, BJ Flores, might also be on his way out.

Unleashing the Drama: Jake Paul’s Coaching Shuffle Sparks Fan Speculations and Anticipation for His Next Move

While some fans voiced their concerns about Paul’s coaching situation, others saw an opportunity for a fresh start. Suggestions of former boxer Shane Mosley as a potential replacement for Smith were also thrown into the mix, showing that fans are eagerly anticipating what Paul’s next move will be.

Observing Jake Paul’s coaching team and how it will impact his future fights is one thing fans will be eagerly watching as the drama unfolds in the world of combat sports. Stay tuned for more updates as the story unfolds in true Jake Paul fashion – with flair, drama, and plenty of surprises.

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