Why Israel Adesanya taunted Alex Pereira’s son after KO win? Exploring UFC 287 title-winning celebration

Alex Pereira, the Brazilian kickboxing sensation, has established himself as a formidable force in the ring. Notably, he has achieved a remarkable feat – defeating none other than UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, not once, but twice in thrilling kickboxing matches. In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Adesanya and Pereira faced off for the second time at Glory of Heroes 7, on March 4th 2017. The third round ended with a left hook knockout of ‘Poatan’.

However, the story took an unexpected turn outside the ring. After Pereira’s son, Alessandro, made a daring move by stepping into the octagon and boldly mocking Adesanya. Falling to the ground next to Adesanya, Alessandro’s taunting antics did not go unnoticed. The incident sparked a fiery response from Adesanya, who wasted no time in retaliating. Incensed by the mockery directed at him by Pereira’s son, Adesanya unleashed his fury.

Rising from Rivalry to Redemption: Israel Adesanya and his Spectacular Win at UFC 287

The history between Adesanya and Pereira dates back to their kickboxing days, where Pereira had defeated Adesanya not once, but twice. Last year, Pereira also bested Adesanya in UFC-281 main event. The Nigerian boxer, who never want to forget a grudge, had a score to settle at UFC 287, and he did so in spectacular fashion.

“I’m petty bro, I remember the first time he knocked me out in Brazil his son came into the ring and started to get next to me,” according to reports, Adesanya remarked. “I looked for his kid and I pointed at him and I saw him.”

This act of taunting Pereira’s son was a calculated move by Adesanya, as he sought to assert his dominance not only in the octagon but also in the psychological warfare that often accompanies combat sports.

Israel Adesanya

Adesanya’s showmanship and ability to get into his opponents’ heads have become trademarks of his fighting style, and he didn’t hold back in his celebration after the win.

The win against Pereira was particularly significant for Adesanya, as it marked his first victory against his long-time rival in the MMA arena. It also allowed him to reclaim the UFC middleweight championship that he had lost to Pereira in 2022 after an impressive six-title fight wins streak.

Unraveling Adesanya’s Mind Games: From Pereira to Trump at UFC 287

However, Adesanya’s mind games didn’t end with Pereira. The presence of former president Donald Trump at UFC 287 also created a buzz among the crowd. Trump, a self-proclaimed fight fan.

He sat ringside with boxing legend Mike”Iron”Tyson, singer Kid Rock, and the UFC president Dana White. Adesanya even seized the opportunity to ask Trump for “a small loan of $1 million,” a reference to Trump’s famous line during his presidential campaign.

Trump Jr. appeared to find the request amusing, adding another layer of spectacle to the already electrifying event. In conclusion, Israel Adesanya’s taunting of Alex Pereira’s son after his KO win at UFC 287 was a strategic move to assert his dominance and send a message to his opponent.

Adesanya’s ability to play mind games and create drama both inside and outside the octagon has made him a compelling figure in the world of combat sports. As he continues his reign as the UFC middleweight champion, fans and opponents alike can expect more jaw-dropping moments and unforgettable celebrations from “The Last Stylebender.”

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