UFC veteran sentenced to 25 years in jail for robbing $53 million following road rage incident claims “This isn’t the end”

There are a lot of MMA fighters who, at the beginning of their careers, were thought to possess a high potential for greatness, but either their luck ran out or they were found liable for using their skills irresponsibly, resulting in their downfall. Lee Murray, who is a great representation of such wasted potential, reportedly stated his continued interest in combat sports.

Like any other fighter, Murray had a fairly typical MMA career start. A fighter in his mid-20s entered the ring with passion and the desire to succeed. Lee’s talent wasn’t overlooked.

Dana White has a reputation for being a visionary when it comes to discovering new talent. Young Lee was signed by UFC in 2004. ‘Lightning’ made his debut for the fastest-growing MMA organization at UFC 46, defeating Jorge Rivera by submission. The extremely skilled MMA prodigy increased his winning streak, but Lee’s fortunes started going downhill.

In Cage Rage that same year, Anderson Silva defeated the middleweight fighter, handing him his first MMA loss. Although Silva hadn’t yet signed a deal with the UFC, from that point on, ‘Spider’ went on to become one of the sport’s all-time greats, while Lee, regrettably, went on to become an illustration of a star that had fallen from grace.

After two years, Lee gained notoriety for carrying out the biggest cash robbery in British history. The middleweight fighter was the architect behind the Securitas depot robbery, and according to his well-thought-out strategy, his armed squad made off with £53,116,760.

The London native is currently incarcerated in a jail in northwest Morocco for 25 years. Nonetheless, Lee claimed to have the potential to be a UFC champion in a recent interview for a documentary chronicling the ups and downs of his career. The tenure of Murray expires in 2035.

“Fighting’s my life. Fighting’s in my blood. If I’m not in there fighting myself, I’m going to be taking people in there. One way or another I need to win that UFC title. My story isn’t finished. This isn’t the end.” Lee said.

The former MMA superstar now trains MMA in a deplorable prison environment. Do you believe he will ever have a second chance? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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