‘Ya shouldn’t have done it’ Jake Paul issues warning to bettors picking Anderson Silva in fight

The bout between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva is one of the most eagerly awaited bouts in boxing history. Fans have already placed their wagers on the outcome. However, the youtuber-turned-boxer is not pleased that Silva is getting more bets than him. He thinks they’ve lost it.

During a recent interview, “The Problem Child” discussed his views on the upcoming clash. Paul feels that anyone who placed bets on Anderson should have enough time to change their minds because they will undoubtedly lose.

The 25-year-old believes that no one should be criticizing “The Spider” for being 47 years old because they are ignorant of the facts. As he continued, Silva actually has the upper hand and has an advantage over the next fight.

On the contrary, Luiz Carlos Dorea, who has spent over 20 years honing Silva’s boxing techniques, believes “The Spider” will win by knockout, even though he acknowledges Paul’s skill. Dorea thinks that for the former UFC Middleweight Champion, it would be a simple match.

Silva, widely recognized as the greatest middleweight champion in UFC history, returned to the “sweet science” to register back-to-back wins over established boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and fellow UFC veteran Tito Ortiz in 2021.

Meanwhile, a controversial social media celebrity claims in the interview, “He’s excited to prove people wrong on Saturday night and has a message for those putting their hard-earned money on Spider. You shouldn’t have done it. You should’ve invested in something else. ” then added, “And everyone who bet on me? Excellent work, man. You’re going to have some dough, maybe a new car, maybe your rent paid. ”

Whether it’s Paul or whether it’s Silva, I guess we are all going to find out on October 29 who’s winning the lottery.


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