Anderson Silva coach Luiz Carlos Dorea considers pro fighters competing vs YouTuber stars to be “new normal” in boxing

The upcoming bout against Jake Paul and Anderson Silva is knocking on the door, and fans are already betting their money on “The Spider.” But coach Luiz Carlos Dorea considers this trend a revolution for boxing and wants more fights like this in the future to help the sport grow.

On October 29, Paul will be entangled in the squared circle for his sixth fight against one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, Anderson Silva. Though taking on Silva isn’t an easy task for anyone. However, many veterans and former stars of the sport are saying that this will be the ultimate test for the Youtuber turned boxer.

On that note, Luiz Carlos Dorea, the man who’s been responsible for sharpening Silva’s boxing skills for nearly two decades, is confident in a knockout win for “The Spider,” even if he respects Paul’s abilities. Dorea then goes on by saying, “Paul is building his career like any other “champion” in boxing, but is biting off more than he can chew by accepting a match with an MMA legend like Silva, a man who demolished a long list of stars on the feet during his reign as UFC middleweight champion.”

On the other hand, Paul, who’s just started his boxing career with a bang, is pretty confident against the former UFC Middleweight Champion. In his past five total appearances as a professional boxer, Paul has won five of them. Within five, four of them were won by KO.

Despite Paul’s past records, Dorea is very optimistic about Anderson. As he thinks, it wouldn’t be a hard task for the former MMA superstar. He then claims, “I’ve been working with Anderson for almost 20 years and we’ve always worked for MMA fights, and it’s way easier now. He already moves like a boxer. He boxes without having to worry about kicks and takedowns. ”

The Brazilian coach believes that having professional fighters facing YouTubers is the “new normal” in boxing, and expects the trend to help the sport grow. Paul is a popular figure for the younger generation online, but Dorea predicts a stoppage.


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