NBA Legend Michael Jordan’s philanthropic lifestyle comes as surprise to many of his fans

Michael Jordan’s remarkable basketball abilities unanimously made him the GOAT. In addition to being a basketball legend, People believe he has a great personality which attracts many of his fans around the world.

Jordan continues to be the center of tales about his legendary status. The six-time winner was a ruthless executioner who demonstrated the world as a dangerous place. Defending against His Airness was an ordeal. However, in the same way, he was phenomenal on the ground.

Jordan’s generosity extends beyond the basketball floor, where he has benefited several communities. The Jordan Brand Wings initiative was born out of his desire to create a more equitable society. So far, the program has contributed to the funding of 1800 academic scholarships since its establishment in 2014. The inclusion and advancement of underprivileged adolescents remain a primary focus.

One student whose life Jordan changed was Daymond Baker. She was the middle child of three, and her family’s financial situation prevented her from attending a university outside of her home state. The Wings program ultimately saved her life. Michael Jordan provided Baker with a full scholarship to attend the Xavier University of Louisiana.

Similarly, she will never forget how much MJ’s decision meant to her. Diamond stated “I never really knew a lot about him. But Michael Jordan has helped change my life.” She continued saying, “He’s paying for my education. Aside from what he did in basketball, he’s a legend for allowing me to go to college.”

In the past, students were limited to attending the college that they first applied for. Everyone in the program will have the power to leap through the air much like Michael Jordan. Even more impressive is the fact that his donation keeps on increasing. The GOAT made a commitment to contribute $100 million over the course of ten years to the “Black Lives Matter” campaign.

Even though His Airness is a millionaire, he doesn’t waste his money. He hasn’t stopped spreading his message of hope and transformation. Thanks to his immense impact, Michael Jordan will always be remembered fondly by his fans for his legendary moves off the court.


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