Is WWE icon John Cena returning to Hollywood after the SAG-AFTRA strike comes to an end? Exploring the possibility

When John Cena returns to WWE, he always makes time to mentor the company’s up-and-coming stars. The 16-time champion accomplished this by helping his opponents win recent bouts, namely LA Knight and Solo Sikoa.

Cena’s bout with Solo Sikoa was intense at Crown Jewel, and he suffered an unexpected loss. It was shocking for everyone in the arena to witness John Cena lose so badly. This defeat might signal the end of an era and of John Cena’s wrestling career.

What was the SAG-AFTRA strike?

On July 13, the 160,000 members of SAG-AFTRA, a union for performers including actors and musicians, went on strike. When negotiations with large studios like Paramount and Netflix fell through, they were understandably disappointed. The union pushed for regulating the creation of AI “digital doubles,” as well as higher wages and more secure consent regulations for AI workers.

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The union picketed in New York and Los Angeles, but on Wednesday, they reached an agreement with AMPTP that halted the strike. The actors’ strike has ended, and they may now return to their jobs. Since union regulations prohibited members like Johnson and Cena from working in film during the strike, they returned to WWE.

In the middle of July, this strike was initiated over the union’s demands for higher wages, protection of jobs from AI, and improved working conditions. We can only hope that these requests have been addressed now that the strike has concluded.

Is John Cena returning to Hollywood?

John Cena’s time in WWE came to an end as he was beaten by Solo Sikoa at WWE Crown Jewel. Sikoa won the match with 11 Samoan Spikes, making it a memorable milestone in his very brief time in the WWE. It was in 2018 when Cena last triumphed in a Pay-Per-View singles bout. After a long gap, the SAG-AFTRA strike sent him back to WWE home, and he won’t be able to resume filming until it’s over.

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Michael Cole, of commentary, referred to Sikoa as “the man who retired John Cena,” which added to the solemn tone. Cena had already dropped hints about the end of his career before the match by uploading a picture of David Beckham’s last soccer game. Now, he’s dropped even more clues by posting a picture of Babe Ruth from just before the baseball legend passed away.

There have been reports that performers and studios have reached a preliminary agreement, which would end the strike. This might signal the return of the Hollywood film industry. Given their heavy acting schedules, it’s unclear whether Cenation Leader will remain in WWE. Cena’s Instagram post and subsequent press have confirmed that he is leaving WWE for good.

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