“It’s the most efficient 60-point game ever, for real? Trail Blazers star guard Damian Lillard honestly responds to interviewers following win vs Jazz

Damian Lillard on Wednesday became only the third player to score a sixty-pointer this season. After the game had ended, the star point guard sat with reporters to describe his feeling after achieving new heights.

While many players like to brag about themselves, Damian did not do so; according to him, although his achievement was “pretty simple,” it was not “easy.” He was in his “grove” and made “simple plays” that allowed him to reach one of the top positions of the season along with Luka Doncic and Donovan Mitchell.

When asked by the reporter whether his sixty points were the most efficient, Damian Lillard gave his honest opinion and said, “That’s crazy.” 

What did Damian Lillard say?

Firstly, a reporter told Damian that his sixty points were the most efficient sixty-pointer and asked whether he knew about it. Replying to that reporter, Lillard said that he did not know about it since he checks his phone once he gets out of the arena.

Moreover, he only learns about his achievements when someone addresses them, sending messages of stats. 

Secondly, when asked whether he agrees that his sixty points were the most efficient by an individual, Damian has a somewhat shocked expression and counter questions, “it’s the most efficient 60-point game ever for real?” He then humbly says that he is “nothing” and sarcastically adds that he might have done better if he had not missed from “half court” in the final seconds of the game or if he had not missed “a couple” of “free throws.”

Earlier in the post-match interview, another reporter asked Lillard if this sixty-pointer was special to him compared to his other one, and Damian went on to reply saying, 

“I think any time you score 60 points, it’s special, but I think this one, I just felt like it came pretty simple, thought I played the game as it should’ve been played. I knew we needed to win, so I came out with a mentality to attack and be aggressive, but it wasn’t like I just came out on fire. It wasn’t one of those games.”

The Trail Blazers have won their twenty-third game with Damian in top form. They still sit at the twelfth position in the Western Conference. Can Lillard help his team get back in a winning way and make it to the playoffs?

Time will tell. Till then, stay tuned for more exciting matches coming your way!


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