“Rip to the legend Curry” Blazers’ PG Damian Lillard shocked Stephen Curry fans with death news of Warriors’ star

Any death news in the sports industry always causes a stir among fans, no matter how unwell or old the person is. Recently, Portland Trailblazers point guard, Damian Lillard shared the similar heartbreaking news that shattered the media even more than we expected.

A couple of days ago, the PG shared emotional and shocking news through his Twitter account with the caption, “Rip to the legend Curry.” And that’s where fans became stunned and speechless. But the story didn’t end there.

What actually happened to Stephen Curry?

As Damian tweeted the death news of “Curry,” a lot of us presumed it to be Warriors legend, Stephen Curry. However, the 32-year-old trailblazer actually mentioned John Curry, a sports commentator, and broadcaster for the Trailblazers.

John Curry was a well-known name among Trailblazers fans, as he was frequently seen running with his camera and working for the team. Lilliard has a special bond with the 65-year-old after shredding the Moda Center court for over a decade.

However, initially, we thought it was the Warriors’ legend, Curry, who is having his primetime in the NBA and is considered one of the best players in NBA history. Just like a fan, our hearts jumped out of our throats or missed a beat right there.

What were the fans’ reactions to this news?

A social media user went berserk after realizing the misinterpretation.

Another fan said, “I think mine skipped a few beats.”


It appears the fans were not particularly happy with this tweet. These types of tweets almost create panic among the fans.

John Curry graduated from David Douglas High School, later enlisted in the US Navy as a Master Chief Petty Officer, and served in the Gulf War in Iraq. Curry began working as an intern for the Trailblazers broadcast team in 1982.



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