“I’ve told you, I just grew up hating the Eagles” Skip Bayless, lifelong foe can’t stop loving Jalen Hurts’ Philadelphia Team

There were some people who believed that the Philadelphia Eagles would be a team to watch in the NFC this year, but not many thought they would be good enough to vie for the conference’s number-one overall seed. A big reason for their success has been the play of quarterback Jalen Hurts, who has answered a lot of questions surrounding his ability to throw the ball.

The Philadelphia Eagles are the last undefeated team in the NFL. Jalen Hurts, the third-year quarterback, is somewhere in all of the success. a former second-round pick, Carson Wentz’s backup, and the presumed holdover for a new quarterback to be acquired later. Nobody ever told Hurts he was just a bridge. Hurts is fifth in the league in EPA per dropback and eighth in completion percentage above expectation, captaining a better passing attack than anyone imagined possible with a run-first quarterback at the helm—oh, and that run-first quarterback has four rushing touchdowns, which is third in the NFL, and over 200 rushing yards in the league’s sixth-best rushing attack by EPA per play.

Commentator Skip Bayles of the talk show ‘Undisputed’ shared some of his insights. Bayless admitted that he had never been a fan of the Eagles. But Hurts’ feats this year are making it difficult for him to maintain his hatred. He said, “I’ve told you, I just grew up hating the Eagles. I’ve never hated the giants, I didn’t even hate the team in Washington that we used to call that other name. But I hated the Eagles. I hated the color of the uniforms, it’s kinda this sickly green, I don’t know, it’s nasty.” Bayless added, “But, Jalen Hurts is making it almost impossible for me to hate the Philadelphia Eagles because he’s got high character, he’s got the strongest football backbone.”


It’s also feasible that Hurts will rise into the transcendent plane—the category of players who aren’t just terrific at one thing, but are so amazing at one thing that the rest of it doesn’t matter. The category of players who render all of this typing, graphing, and charting useless because the rules do not apply to them. The world-changers. The legends.

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