Jake Paul’s brother Logan Paul desires to Wrestle in India and Australia

Logan Paul just added two new countries to his wishlist that he wants to travel to with WWE. The Youtuber-turned-wrestler is set to face Roman Reign at Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia next month. So, after the long-awaited Saudi Arabia trip, he wants to visit India and Australia next.

The Maverick is all set to face the tribal chief at Crown Jewel next month. The preparation is going very well for Paul, as his head coach Drew Gullak claimed recently. The announcement was made during a press conference in Las Vegas, which was attended by Paul, Reigns, and The Tribal Chief’s entire Bloodline stable.

At the end of the press conference, Reigns and Paul nearly collided, but Triple H saved the day by stepping in between them. 

After the Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, Logan wants to travel the Subcontinent, India, and Australia. The social media star thinks India and Australia are the two countries that have huge fans of WWE and him. Paul also believes it will be a huge success for WWE in general.

In a recent interview before the Crown Jewel, Logan stated, “I’ve got two countries I’m looking at. I have not forgotten about you. I’m making the push. India and Australia. We’re coming hard, fast, and strong. I love this country. I’ve never been to either. I want to go; I want to put on a big show; and we’re launching PRIME there too, so I’ve got many reasons to go. I’ll show up. We’ll do the meet and greet. I’ll kiss the baby’s heads. Jump off the top rope. The five-star frog splashes onto any opponents. Bring it on.”

WWE has a large number of Indian and Australian fans. It will be a tremendous opportunity for the organization to expand into these two nations. Fans in both Australia and India will be thrilled to have the world’s greatest entertainment show at their doorstep.


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