‘I was shocked at his work ethic’ Jake Paul’s boxing skills leave ex-boxer in awe

When Chad Dawson first met Jake Paul, he was shocked and amazed because he thought Paul might be cocky. However, his opinion of Paul quickly turned into respect. As the former professional boxer mentioned, Paul is far better than he imagined he would be.

After receiving the initial call from one of Paul’s agents, Chad had some doubts about taking the position. He regularly appeared in pound-for-pound rankings, held the title of light heavyweight two times, competed against the best of his day, and defeated Glen Johnson and Antonio Tarver twice.

Due to the attention he was receiving, Dawson was somewhat aware of what Paul, the social media star, was doing in boxing. Although the 40-year-old former boxer was curious about Jake from the beginning, that curiosity turned into a form of respect for Paul. In an interview, Dawson mentioned that, “I’ve been impressed, I’ve been very impressed, and I was shocked at his work ethic and his general ring knowledge. He moves like he’s been boxing for well over two or three years. And he’s thinking in there, too.”

Chad believes the youtuber-turned-boxer is still inexperienced and needs to win more fights to prove his worth. He never had an opponent that was as pro as Anderson Silva is. Despite Paul’s 5-0 record and four KO, it is still going to be a tough task for him.

Dawson thinks the problem child will have to do plenty of thinking against Silva, the former UFC champion who held the promotion’s middleweight belt for more than six years while earning a reputation as one of the greatest MMA fighters ever.

The anticipated fight will take place Saturday at Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona. As reported by the Most Valuable Promotions, the event will yield the highest grossing gate for boxing and second-highest gate for combat sports in the arena’s 19-year history behind only UFC 263.


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