Jalen Green’s heated exchange with teammate Jabari Smith Jr. sparks brawl on Rockets bench, pair had to be split apart by management & teammates

The Houston Rockets and the Utah Jazz played an intense game on Monday. Jalen Green was living up to his responsibilities. All of a sudden, an unanticipated heat arose amid the Rockets’ baseline.

Following a three-game losing streak, the Rockets finally broke through with a victory, while the Jazz had their three-game winning streak come to an end. During a timeout, Rockets teammates Jalen Green and Jabari Smith Jr. entangled into a heated exchange of words. Smith seemed to be all set to go.

It is yet unknown what sparked the heated argument or what was there between the two. One thing that is certain is that Smith did not value his teammate’s opinions. During the heated exchange, Smith is seen yanking Kevin Porter Jr.’s arm out from behind him. The other players and coaches quickly intervened to keep things from becoming worse.

Jalen Green revealed the gap between him and Smith shortly after the game, saying, “nothing at all”. He went on his effusive praise of Smith by stating, “He’s super talented, has the gifts to be a two-way player, he’s so long and can guard any position, and at the same time he can shoot the ball.” 

The Rockets’ victory against the previously unbeaten Jazz is significant since it marks their first victory of the season. Young stars Jalen Green (25 points, four threes) and Jabari Smith (21 points, nine rebounds) were crucial to Houston’s victory.

Presumably, there will be instances when the emotions of the moment are felt even among teammates. The good thing is that the controversy is now over, relieving followers of any further anxiety over the matter. Both players will be ready to help the team win another championship by giving their all.


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