“Aim to head butt the chest cavity” Conor McGregor coaches Alexander Volkanovski to dethrone Islam Makhachev

Conor McGregor joined the UFC to conquer and become the featherweight and lightweight champion. In his professional MMA career, Conor has featured in 28 fights, in which he secured 22 victories. The Irish fighter also tried professional boxing once but lost. 

The Irish fighter lost his last two UFC appearances against Dustin Poirier, and the last bout against Poirier earned him a massive leg break, which resulted in Conor taking several months of rehab. Currently, Mr. Notorious is busy with the movie (Road House, an upcoming Hollywood action film ) schedule, but after that, the 34-year-old fighter will be back in the octagon again. 

Despite being out of the octagon since July 2021, the Irish fighter always stays up to date on UFC news and expresses his thoughts on social media. But Conor never forgets to compete against his former rival, Khabib Nurmagomedov, even on his social media handles.

Khabib’s friend Islam Makhachev won the title at the main event of UFC 280 last Saturday. It is expected Islam will face Alexandar Volkanovski for the UFC pound-for-pound champion. Conor backed the Australian MMA artist for his upcoming super fight.

Conor not only backed Volkanovski but also gave a piece of advice, as the Irish man once held these two titles and now wants Volkanovski to win them both.

“And we dance on. Good. I was in your exact spot one time don’t forget. 145 coming up. Good luck. I’d say go heavier. Rugby days. Be a bowling ball. That’s how I’d do it as you. Your condition right now as I see it, I don’t know. But bowling ball style for you for the best chance.”

Conor also tweeted:

“Aim to head butt the chest cavity” 

The tweet conversation started when Volkanovski shared an old tweet of Conor Mcgregor. During this tweet exchange, the former double champion hinted at a return to the octagon. But now it seems difficult for the Irishman to return and win again but the Australian fighter is ready to accept him with immense respect. 

“Just watching and monitoring mate. That’s all. Happy for you in the spot tbh. I’ll be back. This is not over. You know.”

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