“Let’s trade concussions for cash”Former UFC fighter Dan Hardy brutally criticizes Dana White for hosting Power Slap League

Former UFC fighter and commentary team member Dan Hardy blasted out at his former boss, UFC President Dana White, for hosting the Power Slap League. 

“The Outlaw” was discharged from the company in May 2021 following an alleged incident with a female employee. Since then, Hardy has continued in the mixed martial arts (MMA) community, breaking down fights and hosting podcasts.

In the period since, the ‘Outlaw’ hasn’t shied away from criticizing his former boss, even claiming that White faked his concern for featherweight contender Calvin Kattar in a behind-the-scenes mini-doc featuring footage from Kattar’s 2021 fight against Max Holloway.

Hardy recently took aim at White’s newest business endeavor, which the Nevada Athletic Commission officially certified for regulation: Dana White’s Power Slap League.

Dan Hardy criticizes Dana White for hosting the Slap Fighting League!

The former UFC fighter and broadcast team member has been at clashes with Dana White recently and is not impressed by the promoter’s slap-fighting ambitions.

White, Lorenzo Fertitta, and a number of other longstanding UFC and Ultimate Fighter executives have collaborated to produce a new television show centered on the cult combat sports phenomenon. Hardy was quick to remind listeners that it is essentially a ticket to untreated brain damage. 

Hardy recently expressed his displeasure with Dana White’s constant decision-making regarding Hardy’s responsibilities. 

“I know what we’ll do,” Hardy joked of White’s Power Slap League. “We love our athletes, we care about them so much, let’s start a f**king slap fight league. Let’s trade concussions for cash. I mean, c’mon. And you’re going to advertise that to me while I’m trying to watch MMA, while I’m trying to watch my sport? C’mon. Say one thing, do another. Say one thing, talk some sh-t, do another. It’s the same pattern, over and over again.” 

“How did that become a thing?” Hardy added. “I wonder, back in the old MMA days, if anybody was watching MMA and feeling like I do about slap fighting now because I’m sure they did. I had a long conversation with somebody about, ‘Oh it’s this and that, it’s human cockfighting.’ But I can’t, for the life of me, understand the endeavor of slap fighting, aside from to make a bit of cash and get some [followers] for your Instagram. It’s cashing in on f**king brain trauma.”

Hardy was a fighter for the UFC for 13 years, beginning in October 2008. It wasn’t until just before his departure that opinions started to clash.

Hardy wasn’t much of a “trash talker” as a fighter, but he spoke with a lot of confidence. Definitely, he is not going to admit any sort of misrepresentation from his former boss.


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