Jets coach Robert Saleh vows to “accelerate the process and win immediately” following hitting back at his team’s critics

After the Jets’ 24-9 loss to the Ravens on Sunday, there is a lot of criticism in New York, but Robert Saleh does not acknowledge it. The Jets’ head coach showed his annoyance with individuals who had doubts about his squad following Week 1 on Monday and said he was doing all in his power to disprove them. Additionally, he is making notes about those skeptics.

“You’re just going to feel it, and in a way it does just click, stacking up day after day after day, and it’s really, really cool when it does happen because it just absolutely pops off the tape,” Saleh told reporters on Monday. “And I know it’s gonna happen, and we’re all taking receipts on all the people who continually mock and say that we ain’t gonna do anything. “I’m taking receipts, and I’m gonna be more than happy to share them with all of y’all when it’s all said and done.”

Since 2015, the Jets haven’t had a winning season and haven’t reached the playoffs in 11 years. The Jets’ recent weeks have also been filled with little success. They lost Wilson during the preseason and two starting tackles, Mekhi Becton and Duane Brown, were injured. Worst of all, by playing sloppy against the Ravens, they irritated the fan base as well.

“It’s exhausting,” Saleh said. “It’s exhausting for the coaches. It’s exhausting for ownership. It’s exhausting for you guys to continue to write about losers. It’s exhausting for the fans. It’s exhausting for everybody, and nobody wants to lose.”

The head coach shed some light on the issue and tried to distinguish the burning fumes from the fans by saying that he and the franchise have long-term goals right now. Saleh put the responsibility on the front end, saying that the objective is to “accelerate the process and win immediately.” He also pointed out that there are many young players in important spots on the roster. They must “grow up quickly,” he said.

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