Jets OC Nathaniel Hackett hails Aaron Rodgers’ competitive fire in reunion: “Every single thing about him is about competition”

The reunion between New York Jets Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and quarterback Aaron Rodgers has sparked a renewed sense of excitement within the NFL. As Hackett joins the Jets coaching staff after three successful seasons with the Green Bay Packers, he brings with him a deep admiration for Rodgers’ unparalleled competitive spirit. 

In a recent interview on Flight ’23, the Jets OC expressed his awe for Rodgers’ relentless drive, describing him as a “killer” with an unwavering desire to win. The dynamic duo’s shared history and mutual respect have laid a solid foundation for their future collaboration, elevating the Jets’ expectations for the upcoming season.

Hackett Impressed by Aaron Rodgers’ Killer Instinct

During his appearance on Flight ’23, the OC left no doubt about the intensity and determination that define Rodgers’ approach to the game. Hackett emphasized that Rodgers possesses an innate ability to attack every aspect of football, from strategy sessions to on-field execution. He praised the quarterback’s unwavering commitment to scoring points and his relentless pursuit of victory.

Aaron Rodgers

Hackett highlighted Rodgers’ unyielding competitive nature, emphasizing that everything the quarterback does is driven by his desire to compete. Whether in team meetings, practice sessions, or even friendly throwing competitions, Rodgers approaches each situation with the same fervor and hunger for success.

“I mean, all he wants to do is attack. He is the epitome of an attacker. He wants to score as much as he possibly can. I know a lot of people say that, but it’s in everything he does whether we’re in the meeting room, whether we’re on the field, whether we’re throwing the ball into the different little squares we have. He wants to win everything and it’s great because he’s always practicing that and always believing in that, so when he’s on the field, it never changes. Every single thing about him is about competition.”

The Jets Offensive Coordinator also commended Rodgers for his exceptional knowledge of the game. Hackett marveled at the quarterback’s preternatural ability to anticipate plays and read the field, often knowing where he will go with the ball before even receiving the snap. 

Rodgers’ strategic acumen and quick decision-making enable him to maneuver past defenses effortlessly, using his outstanding accuracy and athleticism to extend plays. He highlighted that Rodgers’ dual-threat capabilities make it nearly impossible for opposing teams to completely stifle his impact, as he can adapt and improvise when faced with unexpected challenges.

Are Nathaniel Hackett and Rodgers Friends?

Aaron Rodgers

The bond between Nathaniel Hackett and Aaron Rodgers extends beyond their professional relationship. Hackett was the offensive coordinator for the Raiders during Rodgers’ two seasons with the team. The quarterback shared that he trusts the OC and loves him like a brother. 

“A big reason I’m here is Nathaniel Hackett,” the quarterback said. “Hack and I became really close friends. I love him like a brother. And I believe in him.”

Both Rodgers and Hackett are very good friends and this reunion has made fans more excited for the upcoming season. They both are very talented and their combined efforts will show us some incredible games on the field. 

The NFL world is eagerly waiting to see them both again showing incredible on-field skills.


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