Joe Mixon’s home surrounded by Police after juvenile shooting at his home

Joe Mixon, a running back for the Cincinnati Bengals, is in trouble with a teenager being shot in front of his house; the incident is said to have occurred in Hamilton.

Although the specifics of the event are still unknown, according to Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputies, a youngster with his friends was playing with toy guns and was shot. It remained unclear whether the shot was fired by Joe Mixon or with the NERF guns the teenagers were playing with. Authorities were summoned to the 7900 block of Ayers Road in Anderson Township.

How is Joe Mixon involved in the shooting incident?

The residence where the shooting incident occurred is indeed Joe Mixon’s, according to Fox 19, but his involvement remains a mystery. After the Police Department opened an investigation into the shooting early this evening, rumors of Joe Mixon possibly being engaged and injuring a child began to surface.

Mentioning the investigation as active police department revealed that one young person was taken to the hospital with minor wounds; it’s unclear whether shots were fired or the person was hurt with some other means.

 Joe Mixon’s involvement, however, remains a question mark; police reportedly tried to get Mixon out of the house, but for the time being, they have decided not to. 

No comments have been made about the situation by Mixon or the Bengals. WLWT reported that despite Shelonda Mixon, Joe Mixon’s sister, denying her brother’s involvement in the alleged shooting.

Mixon’s off-field problems have previously brought him to the forefront of the media. He was charged with misdemeanor assault after hitting a woman in the face after a dispute at a sandwich restaurant in 2014. Later, Mixon reached a financial settlement with the woman and personally met with her to express regret and make amends.

Athletes who commit terrible errors like the one Mixon did far too frequently never receive second chances. With his previous activities, Joe has made a permanent settlement into the police’s crime radar. Whether he is guilty or not will be disclosed with further investigations. The case’s mystery is anticipated to be revealed in the upcoming days keeping the scenario evolving.


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  1. This is a defamation lawsuit waiting to happen. First of all, the juvenile was shot, not killed as your title indicates. Secondly, there was no known involvement by Joe Mixon, his property was part of the crime scene. Finally, why bring up the past events that have absolutely nothing to do with this situation? This is amateur reporting.

  2. This is an untrue story and the headline is very misleading! No one was killed and a neighbor shot kids playing in the yard!

  3. Who approves the headlines for Sportszion? I’ve read two different articles and both were essentially clickbait. No one accused him of killing a juvenile. No other credible news outlet or law enforcement has ever said that. Both articles I’ve read from Sportszion were written by Shabiah. Horrible writer in my opinion. I wish NewsBreak would stop posting article from SZ and definitely Shabiah. It’s embarrassing! No morals or ethics….posting trash for clicks.

  4. This is one of the most poorly written articles I’ve ever read. “Running back Joe Mixon of the Bengals involvement is unclear”. What? How about “Mixon’s involvement is unclear”? You had already identified him as a Bengals running back. Do you get paid by the word or what?

    • Sorry for the inconvenience. However, We were misled by the source we used to write this piece. There was no intention behind what caused. BTW, the modification has been made. Kindly verify now. We will also exercise greater caution in order to prevent such a horrible mistake. We appreciate your presence on our website. You will continue to reside with us. We pledge to provide you with valuable content that has been validated.


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