John Cena WWE Future: Is the Champ going to retire from wrestling?

WWE superstar “The Champ” John Cena is one of the most versatile superstars in the industry. The 16-time world champion has been a member of the company since 2002, when he first debuted in a match against Kurt Angle.

Cena has garnered a massive amount of recognition worldwide due to his career in Hollywood, projects like Fast and Furious, Suicide Squad, and many more are on the superstar’s list of movies. As John makes fewer appearances at WWE events, it makes fans wonder if the superstar will retire from wrestling in the coming years.

John Cena speaks on his future with WWE

The master of Attitude Adjustment has been a fan favorite since his earlier years within the company. Also, he is one of the most admirable personas that demands respect and affection. In the following decades, Cena has built himself into something that will be etched into the history records of the wrestling world.

He is a superstar who is guaranteed a position among the Hall of Famers in WWE. The superstar recently surprised fans by discussing his wrestling career and his future role with the company. During this week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown, a superstar expressed uncertainty about their remaining time in WWE.

He said, “As you know, I was able to return to SmackDown in the fall, and the reception, and the respect, I will never forget. I do not know how much time in the WWE I have left. But I do know in recent times, when I’ve been able to return home, you have always welcomed me as one of your own. I am forever indebted to your generosity, your empathy, your respect, and your excitement.”

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Returning earlier this year to WWE FastLane, the 46-year-old great continued his stellar career. He joined forces with The Megastar LA Knight for a tag team match against the Bloodline members, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. Cena’s last one-on-one match at the premium event of Crown Jewel against the Enforcer of the Bloodline Solo Sikoa, left the fans disappointed after the superstar lost the match. Solo proved himself a formidable opponent by delivering a series of Samoan Spikes to John and finally ending it with a pinfall. The Bloodline has been one of the most villainous factions in recent times and continues to prove themselves as time moves forward.

John Cena recalls most hostile match in his WWE career

John Cena has had countless legendary matches against his opponents, including last man standing, submission, and Iron Man matches. The superstar has won hundreds of matches and also experienced a few losses, including one that was particularly hostile, marking it as the most intense in his career. The superstar recalled his 2006 match against Rob Van Dam at the ECW One Night Stand event.

The atmosphere of the event was intense, as Cena faced a hostile crowd that loved RVD more and was against him throughout the whole match. People were using signs like “If Cena Wins, We Riot,” proving just how much they hated The Champ.

John described the match in his official TikTok: “Rob and I went back and forth, and you can see kind of a non-virtuous side where I begin to push the boundaries of good and evil because I was trying everything, and it seemed like the world was against me”. The superstar explained his side of the story about how he felt during and after the match. The match was brutal and intense, but Cena ultimately lost due to the interference of the “R rated superstar” Edge, which later led to one of the most epic rivalries in WWE.


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WWE fans still like the hero and become excited for John Cena’s bouts, even if he no longer often attends events. Rumor has it that the superstar will make an appearance at a few more high-profile events in 2024, such as Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, before calling it quits in the business.


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