“Just want to keep putting the string of wins together” Lakers’ Anthony Davis snubbed Russell Westbrook, credits latest winning streak to lack of tension following NBA trade

The Los Angeles Lakers kicked off the post-All-Star break with a win over the Golden State Warriors, marking the beginning of a potential playoff run.

With a new core group in place following the trade deadline, the Lakers have their work cut out for them if they want to climb up the Western Conference standings.

Despite their star players, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, only scoring a combined 25 points, six other players stepped up with double-digit performances, showing that this Lakers team is a different beast from earlier in the season.

The Lakers’ most significant move at the trade deadline involved shipping out Russell Westbrook, and the change in the team’s mood was palpable. Davis noted that the team’s current state is one of enjoyment and fun, which has been reflected in their recent string of victories.

While Westbrook’s on-court production off the bench wasn’t terrible, it’s becoming evident that his presence was causing tension in the locker room. With him gone, the Lakers can focus on winning basketball games and working their way back into playoff contention.

While Westbrook’s departure has undoubtedly helped the Lakers, it’s essential to note that the team made some significant additions at the trade deadline that have bolstered their rotation.

With James and Davis leading the way, the Lakers’ newfound depth is making all the difference, as seen in their comfortable win over the Warriors. While tougher challenges lie ahead, this is a positive step forward for the Lakers, and the first time in a while that things are looking up for them.

It’s clear that the Lakers are on a roll, and they’ll look to keep the momentum going as they try to claw their way into playoff contention. Davis emphasized the importance of stringing together victories, and that’s precisely what the Lakers will need to do if they want to have a shot at competing for a championship.

While Westbrook’s absence has undoubtedly played a role in the Lakers’ recent success, it’s a team effort that has gotten them to where they are. If they can continue to play with the same intensity and focus, there’s no telling how far this Lakers team can go.



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