Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury bout under massive scandal after “Script” leaks online

Tonight in the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia comes the highly awaited fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, but it appears that the fight has already generated controversy as a result of a leaked result.

Because of Tommy, both of the prior fights between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury had to be abruptly postponed. Tommy withdrew from the fight the first time owing to an injury, and the second time was because of a visa issue.

Now when the two are just hours away from actually having the fight, controversy erupts once more since a paper that summarizes the outcomes of each round of the fight has been circulating online. The paper cites Jake Paul as the victor of the contest, whether or not that is genuine remains to be determined.

Even though Paul is much less inexperienced in the sport of boxing compared to his ring opponent Tommy. Paul started training and fighting in the ring professionally just three years ago while Tommy, growing up in a boxing-loving family, started to train to box when he was a kid. 

However, boxing enthusiasts mostly took the side of Jake Paul considering his passion for sports. The American trained hard, and showed more determination and a tough mindset than TNT, according to the analysts. However, if the fight is actually rigged things would be a lot more controversial for Jake, and undoubtedly both the fighters’ boxing career will be at stake.

The leaked paper outlines all the significant events for every round and declares Jake the winner after Tommy is knocked down in the final round. There has not been a response from either of the fighters regarding the leaked result.


Earlier, right after the weigh-in session, both Tommy and Jake vowed to end each other’s boxing career on 26th February. However, Tommy did not sign up for the winner takes a double deal offered by Jake. 


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