“I will decapitate you” Jake Paul vows to take Tommy Fury’s “f***ing head off” in latest video ahead of Feb 26 bout

There are barely 72 hours until Jake Paul’s highly anticipated bout with Tommy Fury, and Paul has made one final brutal threat: decapitate Tommy’s head from his body. 

There is a worldwide countdown by boxing fans for the bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. This much-anticipated fight between Jake and Tommy has been rescheduled twice before. Despite the ruckus, the battle is set for February 26 in Riyadh.

Just a few days before the fight, The Problem Child once again engaged in verbal combat with his opponent, this time in the form of a short video in which he threatened to put an end to Tommy’s boxing career when the two of them finally meet in the ring. 

In his most recent video, the YouTuber-turned-boxer addressed Tommy, telling the British boxer to enjoy the last few moments of his boxing career because he will be retired from boxing, disowned by his family, and return to his mother’s maiden name after February 26th. 

“Your brother [Tyson Fury] isn’t in the ring with you, your Dad, Molly-Mae [Hague] or even Bambi [his daughter]. All that little cute motivation about fighting for her, all that s*** goes out of the window.” said Jake. 

Jake also stated that his victory in this fight is for the greater good of the universe, stating that it is not only him in the ring, but all of his guidance, spiritual helpers, and people protecting him, and that together, they would collectively defeat Tommy in just four rounds.

The battle, which Sky Sports originally thought would be nothing more than a grudge match, has taken on new significance since the WBC announced that the victor would be ranked as a cruiserweight fighter by the organization. 

Paul, claiming to be built differently, more tuned in, emotionally intelligent, hardworking, and with a better team and support system, gave one final scathing warning to Tommy.

“I am coming to take your f***ing head off, I will decapitate you as I am a mean and angry person deep down. I am going to take it all out on your f***ing face, there is nothing you can do to f***ing beat me.” Paul added. 

Thus far in his professional boxing career, Jake is undefeated, managed to defeat Anderson Silva, Ali Eson Di, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren, and Tyron Woodley.


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