Jake Paul wants Tommy Fury “to see his girlfriend cry” giving stern warning to KO ‘TNT’ in Saudi Arabia fight

With only five days until their long-awaited fight, Jake Paul warned Tommy Fury to knock him out in a brutal manner that would make his girlfriend cry.

Fans of boxing all across the world are counting down the days until the bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. The fight between Jake and Tommy was scheduled for two separate occasions previously, but both were postponed at the last minute.

Notwithstanding all the hubbubs, they are now scheduled to fight in Riyadh on February 26.

WBC’s statement that the winner of the fight will be ranked as a cruiserweight fighter by the organization has shifted the tone of the bout from what had been expected to be merely a grudge match by Sky Sports. This is undoubtedly terrific a update for both of them right before the fight to give their very best shot at it.

The Problems Child, prior to the battle, once again launched a verbal assault on his ring opponent, claiming that all he hopes is Tommy shows up in the end because he is flaky, that he is fumbling the bag because the money is really so good, and that he really does not believe in himself.

Jake further ridiculed Tommy by claiming that the only reason TNT has come to fight is because he has kind of been driven into this by his fans, the media, his family, and maybe his girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague, whom he met on the dating reality television show Love Island.

”Because she’s probably sitting there saying, ‘hey, we had a baby. I can’t be the one to pay the bills the entire time.’ He’s getting paid $20k a fight, minus taxes, he can only pay for so many diapers. It’s a hard business and so this is his biggest payday and he’s going to actually be able to support his family a little bit… But Molly was probably like, ‘yeah bro, I’m tired of being the breadwinner of this relationship.” said Tommy.

In the same interview with BT Sport, the YouTuber-turned-boxer issued a warning to Tommy, stating that he is going to knock him out and that he is going for a Knockout of the Year candidate. Jake began his career as a professional boxer in the year 2020. After six bouts, he is still undefeated, having won against seasoned fighter Anderson Silva, Ali Eson Di, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren, and Tyron Woodley.

“I’m going to knock him the f**k out. “I’m going for a Knockout of the Year candidate. I’ve won it once before and I want to win it again. You’re going to see his girlfriend cry if she’s ringside once I knock him the f**k out and he’s unconscious.” Jake warned. 


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