Who is Kevin Owens wife Karina Elias? exploring married life

An 11-year-old boy, a wrestling videotape, and some butterflies in the stomach—this is how 2016 Universal Champion Kevin Owens’s first initiation occurred with the 20-foot ring. His father bought him a videotape of wrestling without knowing he was sowing the seed of an eventual WWE star.

However, while this pro wrestler was bringing his opponents to their knees, he himself fell to his knees before his wife to beg for her love.

So, discover the Kevin Owens Wife Karina Elias, who placed her soft hands on the coarse, rough hands of the WWE Champ and vowed to walk by his side for forever.

Who is Kevin Owens wife Karina Elias?

Kevin Owens wife

Karina Elias is 33 years old. And the gorgeous wife of Kevin Owens was born on May 31, 1989. She is a California native and spent most of her childhood there.

Karina Elias Height and Weight

The beauty queen with her 5 ft 6 height and 63 kg weight looks quite divine. And the pair too, looks very cute together.

Karina Elias Ethnicity, Religion, and Nationality

Karina is a White-American woman and she holds faith in Christianity.

What is Kevin Owens wife profession?

The spouse of the Canadian Wrestler completed her studies at California Baptist University. The honorable lady has tasted many professions. At present, she is a retailer, instructor, and coordinator.

Firstly, she started her career at a bar called Jason’s Deli Salad Bar in 2014. Later, she worked with a retailer called ‘Skechers’.

Currently, Karina works as a Supplementary Instructor at Moreno Valley College and a project coordinator at ‘Interteck’.

What is Kevin Owens wife net worth?

From her high-paying jobs, the lady has made a fortune of $5 Million within a very short span of her career.

On the other hand, an annual salary of $450,000 has elevated Kevin Owens’s Net Worth to $3 Million.

How many kids does the couple have?

Utilizing a married life of 14 years, the couple has given birth to two children. Their son is called Owen Steen and daughter is Élodie Leila.

How they met?

Thanks to the online dating app ‘Myspace’ which initiated the romance between Kevin and Karina. Through this dating platform, they met each other in the year 2005.

The couple has a tattoo of the word ‘K’ which they got on the first day of their meeting. Later, they went on some real dates and after savoring the delights of a one-year togetherness, the Ring Champ proposed to her.

How they became romantic partners?

Kevin Owens Marriage
Kevin Owens Marriage

A dating life of one year was enough for the couple to realize that they were born for only each other.

As a result, in 2007, the pair took their vows and were declared ‘man’ and ‘woman’ for a lifetime. The couple’s appearance was magical on their wedding day and their look at the ceremony attained lots of appreciation and love from the media.

Did Kevin Owens date someone before hooking up Karina Elias?

Kevin Owens is a committed man who understands the value of relationships. His wife is known to be his first date and he has remained committed to her even after surpassing a whole 14 years of marriage.

Karina Elias relation with her husband

A partner who loves and cares for her spouse is a blessing in today’s world where everyone is so busy with their own lives. And Karina Elias is such a lady.

She is a family-oriented lady who holds compassion for her husband and his family. The stunning diva is one of the main reasons why Kevin can take on new challenges and go ahead with his ravishing career.

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