Kirk Cousins is no longer fit to start as QB for Vikings? looking at 34-year-old’s uncertain future in NFL

Kirk Cousins, the quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings has an uncertain future in the league. While many quarterbacks signed multi-year deals this offseason, Cousins wasn’t able to do so. His contract will soon expire with the Vikings. 

However, there are many reasons which indicate that the quarterback might not be a good fit to start as a quarterback of the Vikings next season. All he can do is give his best during this season to make sure that he becomes a highly sought-after player in the league. 

Vikings planning to replace Kirk Cousins?

This offseason, the Minnesota Vikings didn’t offer Kirk Cousins any long-term deal which indicates that the team might be considering replacing him. The Vikings decided not to extend the quarterback’s contract due to various factors, like salary cap concerns and the state of the roster before the upcoming training camp.

Cook, who has been with Cousins since 2010, recently talked about his health and what the team has decided to do about it.

“We’re taking a very 360-degree view of Kirk. From recovery to performance to nutrition to biomechanics to sleep, and teaming up with everyone else around that to make sure we’re not leaving any stone unturned, because every single one of them interrelate with each other,” Cook said.

Cook emphasized that the team has both short-term and long-term goals and right now they are focusing on increasing the abilities of Cousins so he can give his best for the team.

“There are short-term goals and long-term goals. The short-term goal is to produce to the best of his ability for the Vikings this year. That creates a win-win situation for everybody involved.”

Kirk Cousins

The quarterback also talked about the current situation stating that he is just working on his dreams.

“I used to sit there in middle school and look up at the stars in the summer. [You would] see a shooting star and everyone would make a wish. My wish was to be a pro quarterback.”

Cousins is determined and he is going to fight for his dream. Even, if the team decides to release him, he is going to fight for his dream.

“So I’m going to do all I can to maximize that, and shame on me if there was more out there to get and I didn’t do all I could. So even if it ends after this year, I have to feel like I walk away with peace of mind that I did everything I possibly could, left nothing out there.”

No matter whether the Vikings release him or re-sign him, the quarterback is determined to prove his worth in the league. He is determined to become one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Kirk Cousins’ achievements with the Vikings?

Kirk Cousins started his NFL career with the Washington Redskins. He had an injury in 2015 and was released by the team in 2017. In the next two years, he signed franchise tags and landed a three-year contract with the Vikings in 2018. 

Kirk Cousins

He showed incredible performance as the quarterback of the team and ranks sixth all-time in completion percentage with at least 1,500 pass attempts. The quarterback is eighth in the NFL’s all-time regular season career passer rating.

Although Kirk Cousins’ future in the NFL is uncertain, with his talent and determination he will eventually find a good opportunity. This NFL season will help him a lot to prove whether he is a good fit for the Vikings in the next season or not.

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