Kristin Juszczyk’s NFL fashion takes spotlight as Taylor Swift and hollywood icons rocks custom designs

Kristin Juszczyk, the wife of San Francisco 49ers star fullback Kyle Juszczyk, emerges as the standout star of the NFL playoffs. Her meteoric rise to prominence was fueled by the creation of a custom jacket for none other than Taylor Swift. 

Taylor Swift attended the Chiefs’ game in extreme weather conditions to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Her appearance made a buzz especially because of the jacket she was wearing. The viral success of her jacket has fans loving the designer of this beautiful game-day outfit. 

Kristin Juszczyk’s trendsetting designs make waves in NFL Community 

San Francisco 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk’s wife, Kristin Juszczyk, has become a mini-superstar after Taylor Swift wore her designed jacket to the Chiefs game.

The jacket looked like Travis Kelce’s jersey, red and white, and had Kelce’s name and number on it. Other than Taylor Swift, the ‘Twilight’ star Taylor Lautner also wore her designed jacket, which had threads with Aidan Hutchinson’s name. 

Kristin’s designs have taken the NFL fashion scene by storm. Both NFL fans and Swifties loved these custom game-day attire and showered praise on Kristin Juszczyk. 

Kristin has been making these costumes for years, including Halloween costumes. But all it took was Taylor Swift wearing her designed jacket to make her famous. 

Not only are fans talking about her designs but she has also made her way to wide-ranging outlets such as Vogue Magazine and ESPN football insider Adam Schefter.

Kyle Juszczyk reveals the behind-the-scenes drama of Taylor Lautner’s jacket delivery

While Taylor Swift’s jacket created more buzz, it was Taylor Lautner’s jacket that took extra effort. His jacket got stuck in Memphis because of bad weather that made delivery impossible. 

Then Kyle Juszczyk talked to the owner of FedEx and his son, who promised her that they would make sure that Taylor Lautner received his jacket before the game.

“It was supposed to get there the day before, but it got stuck in Memphis [due to inclement weather],” the 49er said. “Somehow she got ahold of the owner of FedEx and spoke with his son, and he said it was their mission to get that package to [Lautner]. 

Taylor Swift
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The company then sent a truck there to pick up the package, but the truck also broke down. Then, they sent another truck, and the package was finally delivered to him. 

“They sent a truck to get it picked up in Memphis, and the truck broke down. They sent another truck. And they literally got it delivered on the sideline. So shout-out to FedEx.”

Taylor Lautner then wore that jacket to the game in which the Detroit Lions pulled off a narrow victory against the Los Angeles Rams. But this incident was a testament to the hard work and determination of Kristin Juszczyk behind her work. 

NFL Star credits wife for Taylor Swift’s fashion statement 

Kyle Juszczyk is a proud husband these days who fully acknowledges his wife’s efforts behind her work. After Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift‘s custom-made jacket went viral, some announcers mentioned that it was by Nike, but Kyle made sure to give his wife the credit for her work. 

He clarified that the jacket was made by his wife, Kristin. 

“It was super important because I’m so proud of her,” he explained. “And she’s extremely talented, and the things she’s putting out there are one of a kind. I wanted to make sure she got that credit.”

Taylor Swift
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The 4ers star called out the announcers for giving the wrong credits and clarified that the designer behind the famous jacket was his wife.

“At first the announcers were, ‘Hey, Taylor Swift can get Nike to do anything.’ Ah, come on. We got to let these people know it was all Kristin. That was all her, so I was happy to see her get that credit.”

Kristin Juszczyk has become very famous now and rightfully so, considering the beautiful jackets she made. Fans can look forward to seeing more celebrities in her designed attire in the upcoming games.

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