LA Knight claims “everybody is sick” of Roman Reigns title run due to ducking matches ahead of much-awaited clash at WWE Crown Jewel

After capturing the WWE Championship at WWE Payback 2020, Roman Reigns transitioned into the Universal Champion. More than 1,200 days have elapsed since Reigns became a champion. Now, in his first televised match following WWE SummerSlam 2023, he is set to go up against LA Knight at WWE Crown Jewel.

Knight is determined to bring Reigns’ historic title reign to an end, believing that fans are growing tired of his championship hold. The rivalry between the two was ignited when John Cena endorsed Knight as the contender to take on Reigns on Smackdown. During a WWE Live Event in Glasgow, Scotland, Knight issued a warning to Reigns.

LA Knight talks on Roman Reigns title run

At WWE Crown Jewel 2023, Roman Reigns will defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against LA Knight. In his recent outstanding performance, LA Knight engaged in a Street Fight against Solo Sikoa. Despite Roman Reigns holding the championship for nearly three years and facing various opponents, LA Knight argues that he hasn’t defended the title sufficiently.

LA Knight

LA Knight expressed his view that people have grown weary of Reigns’ ongoing championship reign and voiced his intention to put an end to Reigns’ dominance in an interview on WWE’s The Bump. His plan involves challenging Reigns for the title at Crown Jewel. Knight didn’t mince words in his criticism of Roman Reigns’ lengthy championship reign. He firmly believes that Reigns’ dominance should come to a close and that more title defenses should be scheduled for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

The Megastar said, “Four defenses a year, and we’re celebrating the fact that he’s been champion for 1,200 days? You got to be kidding me. 1,200 days, as impressive as that is, can come to a real quick halt when you find yourself on the business end of a BFT, and that’s what I think we’re gonna find at Crown Jewel.”

LA Knight and Roman Reigns feud explained

It seems like Roman Reigns and LA Knight will put up a great match next week at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. Knight’s run-in with Paul Heyman, SmackDown’s leading babyface, hinted at a possible plot involving Reigns. John Cena’s current rivalry with Solo Sikoa has put him in the championship picture, even though several fans have speculated about a confrontation between him and Roman Reigns.

LA Knight
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If LA Knight doesn’t succeed in his quest to dethrone Roman Reigns, there might be another challenger waiting in the wings. AJ Styles is in contention with Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa of The Bloodline, with whom he has a lengthy history of conflict.

Fans are skeptical about Roman Reigns’ ability to defend his championship against Knight, believing that if Crown Jewel offers a fair contest, Knight will emerge victorious. As his Crown Jewel encounter is the most significant match of his career, we’ll have to wait and see how he fares against The Tribal Chief of WWE.


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