Lakers Austin Reaves claims despite being on LeBron James’ squad, he learnt more from someone else

Austin Reaves is making waves as a scorer and facilitator for the Los Angeles Lakers since joining the team under a two-way contract. While many would assume that his mentor is the great LeBron James, Reaves has recently made a surprising confession that he has learned the most from none other than Rajon Rondo.

In a podcast interview with former NBA wing Evan Turner, Reaves revealed that he learned more from Rondo than anyone else, including the four-time champion, James.

Austin Reaves

How Did Rondo Become Reaves’ Mentor?

Reaves was always asking Rondo questions and being in his ear. He would ask so many questions that he wondered if Rondo would become annoyed. However, he continued to learn from him and would tell Rondo to let him know if he ever asked too many questions. Rondo is regarded as an elite facilitator and defender, and his mentorship has undoubtedly helped Reaves improve his game.

Austin Reaves

Despite being disparaged by the media later in his career, Rondo is a two-time NBA champion and part of the Lakers’ last championship team. Reaves’ admiration for Rondo started when he watched a film about Rondo’s play style and defense.

Reaves was impressed by how Rondo read and anticipated plays and how he communicated with his teammates. Reaves saw Rondo as someone he could learn from and looked for every opportunity to pick his brain.

Why Did Austin Reaves Learn More from Rondo?

Reaves has been able to learn more from Rondo than LeBron or Westbrook because of his ability to relate to Rondo’s journey. Both Rondo and Reaves started as second-round draft picks and worked their way up to the NBA. Reaves sees Rondo as someone who has been in his shoes and knows what it takes to succeed.

Rondo has been able to give Reaves specific advice that he can apply to his game, and Reaves has been receptive to it. Reaves sees Rondo as his ‘Master Yoda,’ and his mentorship has been invaluable to Reaves’ growth as a player. 

While many would assume that LeBron James would be Reaves’ primary mentor on the team, it turns out that Rondo has played a more significant role in the young guard’s development. Reaves’ willingness to learn and seek out mentorship from unexpected sources is a testament to his dedication and drive to improve his game.

As the season progresses, it will be exciting to see how Reaves continues to develop under the guidance of both Rondo and James.

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