Lakers’ fan goes viral after footage emerges of him playing with a creepy LeBron James puppet during game vs Mavericks

The NBA superstar Lebron James has been represented in various forms throughout his professional career, but the Los Angeles Lakers fans never visualized the star in a creepy puppet form.

The Lakers’ last night game against the Dallas Mavericks produced another thrilling contest, with the visitors winning by a narrow margin at American Airlines Center. Climbing up the ladder at the Western Conference table with a three-game winning streak surely brought some peace to the fans’ minds.

However, aside from the nail-biting matchup, Lakers star LeBron James’ bizarre puppet show stole a lot of attention away from the real man’s magnificent performance on the hardwood.

What actually happened at the American Airlines Center?

Last night, a Lakers fan was seen at the arena performing a hilarious weird puppet show on the stand. The puppeteer’s performance of James playing basketball with invisible strings attached went viral pretty soon during the game.

The harmless representation, however, wasn’t much appreciated by the fans, who trolled him on social media along with the man in the puppet himself.

What was the audience’s reaction to the puppet show?

One fan compared a classic Nike commercial of Penny Hardaway with his puppet and tweeted, “Lil Penny is not impressed.”

“Long before Lil Penny came on the scene, Michael Jordan had his own little self,” another one wrote.

The Lakers fan was not only mocked online; someone at the venue last night might have criticized him, which can be correlated with the mouthing at the end of the clip.

Regardless of the criticism of the 2020 NBA champion with the Lakers, James didn’t react to this bizarre show. he scored 26 points with eight rebounds and three assists that helped his team jump to the 11th seed in the western conference.

What’s your reaction to the Lakers fan’s puppet show? Leave your opinions in the comment section.


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